Pulse is an interactive light installation that utilizes the aesthetic formalism present in everyday systems to investigate the historical confluence of modernist architecture, the digital revolution, and the "evolution" of soul to disco.  It also serves to externalize and mechanize one of the most basic internal human processes - the pulse. The 8 ft x 16 ft structure pulses in response to an optical finger sensor measuring a person's heartbeat.  The structure was built in the space over 3 days time using 256 ft of LED light strips, 224 ft of rebar, 153 concrete dobbies, 128 sq ft of 1/2" polycarbonate sheet, 32 6" galvanized steel bolts, 24 electrical boxes, and a computer power supply.  

Below: installation view at ZERO1 Garage.

Below: video of structure when connected to a person's finger.

Below: installation view at Black Gallery.