Scotty Gorham uses installation, performance, and digital media to examine the nature of identity, experience, and human geography.  He primarily works in concrete, plastic, light, and image, as well as with manufactured objects, machine processes, and the systems they refer to and operate within.  Gorham is interested in the space where fantasy meets reality, in play and ritual, as well as archetypes, stereotype, roles, and gender. His work examines our cultural de-emphasis of the physical, as we create avatars and exist simultaneously in time and space.  Some of his most recent projects have focused on device-mediated experience, portals, and what he calls “the new multiplicity of the Real.”  Currently he is working with urban ruins, monoliths, architectural follies, and the built environment at the intersection of Art and Design.

Gorham currently lives in the Silicon Valley region of California. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007 and has exhibited internationally in venues ranging from ZERO1, the Bay Area Glass Institute, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, Twitter Headquarters and the de Young Museum in San Francisco, to the legendary Crobar Nightclub in Chicago and ARQ Nightclub in Sydney. He was a featured speaker in the Apple Talks series for San Francisco Design Week 2013 at Apple SF and is responsible for guerrilla style installation and public performance works in several cities across the United States and Australia.