Chicago based artist Scotty Gorham is currently on a 6 month artist residency at the historic Horlock House in Navasota, Texas. He received both an MFA Spatial Art and an MFA Digital Media Art from San Jose State University, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Gorham has exhibited internationally in venues ranging from the Tech Museum of Innovation and ZERO1 in San Jose, Twitter Headquarters and the de Young Museum in San Francisco, to the Debonair Social Club in Chicago, ARQ in Sydney, and the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. He has recently given artist talks and visiting artist presentations at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Edinburgh, and Apple, and is responsible for several public performance works in cities across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

"I create light interventions and multimedia sculpture installations that engage viewers in both the physical and digital world. My work ranges from site specific and temporary neon sculptures to hybrid environments combining projection, animated GIFs, neon, argon, and light. I am interested in moments of cultural evolution, especially the transitions between analog to digital, and natural to synthetic. I create in the space where fantasy meets reality, using the mechanisms of nightlife and club culture to reimagine empty rooms and everyday places. I seek to connect people throughout history and across cultures by using distortions of time and scale, often referencing and collaging my work with images from NASA. I hope to create work that has a universal appeal, while coming from a contemporary American perspective. 

My work uses installation, performance, and new media to examine the nature of identity and experience. Investigating the intersection between everyday technologies and social media platforms with the built environment, the work contemplates the relationships between “real” and digital space. It challenges our cultural de-emphasis of the physical, in a world of avatars and points of presence, with a paradoxical wonder at our ability to exist simultaneously in time and space. I am searching for meaning in a hopeful look at what we can become in a world where place is an ambiguous ideal.  

The neon interventions seek to create sense of “place” in localized space. A type of synthetic sun, the neon functions as a locus around which galaxies of systems manifest within the boundaries of light. These extractions are re-contextualized, as new relationships are created and function reconsidered. They somewhat contradictorily affirm the infinite in their delineation of a closed system. Each installation sees the built environment as the accumulated legacy of millennia of decision making and human achievement, and asks the viewer to see the complexity and beauty in artifice. Ultimately resulting in an image, the work translates the ephemeral to the digital as it creates a new system within the frame."